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Highlights of version 2.2.142

  • New icons and effects!
  • Level folders and sorting!
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • New demonic chests
  • New community store
  • Includes exciting updates and improvements
  • Improved graphics
  • Weekly demon challenges to unlock keys

Are you ready to go on a fascinating journey through the world of gaming? Look no further than Geometry Dash if you are looking for the ultimate platformer game that will keep you engrossed for hours on end. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the mobile gaming industry, this comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about Geometry Dash Apk.

From understanding the different versions of Geometry Dash to learning about its exciting features, we have everything you need. So buckle up and get ready to explore the intriguing world of Geometry Dash.

The rhythm-based platformer Geometry Dash is very popular and has taken the video game industry by storm. This intriguing game, created by RobTop Games, combines challenging gameplay with exciting music and fantastic visuals. Geometry Dash offers a unique gaming experience with its geometric style and pulsating melodies.

The Geometry Dash Complete Version APK gives you full access to the game’s features and levels, allowing you to enjoy it to the fullest. With this edition, there are no limitations, and you can immediately experience everything the game has to offer. For those who want a continuous and complete gaming experience, it is the ideal choice.

NameGeometry Dash
ProgrammerRobTop Games
CategoryAction > Arcade
File size74.8 MB
System requirementsAndroid 4.0 and higher
User rating3+

What is Geometry Dash?

The amazing gameplay and features of the regular Geometry Dash edition from the app stores are also available in the APK version. However, downloading the APK gives you more control over the installation process and allows you to get the latest updates without relying on app store availability.

In order to install and play Geometry Dash on an Android smartphone you need to have the APK (Application Package File) file for Android. By downloading and installing the APK file, you can play the game on your mobile device without having to use the official app stores.

If the modified version of Geometry Dash is not installing on iOS, then use alternatives to the App Store; Scarlet App is the best alternative to Appstore.

Exploring Geometry Dash Mod APK?

The Geometry Dash Mod APK is a viable option for those who wish to further enhance their gaming experience. The original game has been altered, and the Mod APK provides more features and advantages that are not present in the standard version.

You will be able to benefit from features such as unlimited money, unlocked levels, unique abilities and much more with Geometry Dash Mod APK. These changes up the ante in terms of excitement and provide you with special perks that make it easier for you to overcome obstacles.

Geometry Dash VS Geometry Dash Mod

It is important to understand the differences between Geometry Dash and Geometry Dash Mod and to take into account your gaming preferences.

Geometry DashGeometry Dash Mod
The official version of the game in the app store is called Geometry Dash.Geometry Dash Mod is a customized version of the game developed by third-party developers.
It offers the authentic gaming experience with all the scenarios, obstacles and features created by the creators.In addition to what is included in the original version, this version adds more features and benefits.
Progress is acquired through skill and tenacity, and offers a balanced and challenging game progression.Unlimited resources, unlocked levels and other upgrades that improve your gameplay and give you advantages are some examples of these upgrades.

It is vital to remember that while the Mod may provide new enhancements, the gameplay experience may change from what was originally planned. While some players love the challenge and satisfaction of progressing the game naturally, others appreciate the customization and benefits that the Mod provides. The decision essentially comes down to your gaming tastes and personal taste.

Is the Geometry Dash 2.2 APK with all unlocked features available?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the Geometry Dash ,, on this platform. However, we provide the best downloading APK file, ensuring you can enjoy the geometric excitement wherever you are in the world. Dive into the thrilling challenges and captivating levels of Geometry Dash without limitations.

Get ready to experience the adrenaline rush of navigating through intricate obstacles and pulsating rhythms with our secure and reliable APK download. Embrace the adventure and conquer every obstacle with ease, unlocking all the features to enhance your gaming experience. Download now and immerse yourself in the world of Geometric Dash like never before!


These are some of the images of the Geometry Dash game that show us some details of its gameplay. All images used on this website are edited and created using the Alight Motion app, you should explore it and you will be amazed by its advanced functionality.

Key points of Geometry Dash Game

  • Platforming action with rhythm!
  • Multiple levels and a distinctive soundscape!
  • With the Level Editor, create layers and your own levels that can be shared by others.
  • Customize your character and unlock new colors and symbols to modify its appearance!
  • Defy gravity by piloting a rocket and much more as you defy gravity!
  • Practice mode to hone your skills.
  • The leaderboard creates a competitive atmosphere and you can achieve numerous successes and honors.
  • Zero in-app purchases!
  • With tense gameplay Test yourself to the near impossible.
  • Gameplay experiences increase in excitement as the tests become more difficult.
  • Eliminate distractions with no ads
  • Free/no cost download
  • Easily unlock all difficult levels

Geometry Dash Trailer

Features of Geometry Dash

Numerous attractive aspects of Geometry Dash add to the appeal of the game for gamers. Let’s take a look at some of the main aspects that distinguish this game as a must-play:

Everything is accessible:

With the full version of Geometry Dash, all of the material is accessible from the start. Without having to continue through the game to unlock them, you get immediate access to all the stages, icons and customization options. This allows you to start playing immediately and make use of all its features.

Create your own levels:

Geometry Dash’s level editor is one of its best features. In this mode, you have the creative flexibility to design your own courses, with unique difficulties and obstacles. The Geometry Dash community will be able to enjoy and review your levels as you share them.

Customize your character

Geometry Dash allows you to change the appearance of your character. You can build a special and distinctive avatar by selecting from a wide variety of color options, icons and skins. Use the various customization options to stand out from the crowd and show off your sense of style.

Difficulty levels in Geometry Dash:

To suit players of different skill levels, Geometry Dash offers a wide range of difficulties. There is a difficulty level for everyone, from beginner-friendly levels to demonic levels that test even the most experienced players. Each level has its own combination of difficulties and obstacles, which will keep you interested and test your limits.

Different levels of play:

Geometry Dash has many game modes to suit various tastes and skill levels. There is a setting for everyone, whether you want a light encounter or a more difficult one. To suit your preferred play style, select from practice mode, default levels, demon levels and custom levels.

Numerous entertaining game modes are available in Geometry Dash to suit various player preferences and skill levels. These game modes offer special difficulties and keep the game interesting and new. Let’s explore the many modes that are available:

Easy levels:

These levels provide a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of the game for new players or for those looking for a more relaxed gaming experience.

Geometry Dash Easy Level

Normal levels:

Geometry Dash normal mode has a progression of more difficult levels. The complexity increases as you progress, putting more pressure on your timing, reflexes and ability to maneuver around challenging obstacles.

Geometry Dash Nivel normal

Difficult levels:

If you are looking for a more challenging experience, the difficult levels will test your talents with complex level designs and challenging obstacles.

Geometry Dash Nivel Difícil

More difficult levels:

As the name suggests, these levels are more difficult and will test your reflexes and timing. With outrageous levels, get ready for a real challenge. These levels require the highest degree of precision and mental quickness to achieve, as they are very fast and challenging.

Geometry Dash Nivel Harder

Demon levels:

In Geometry Dash, the Demon levels are the most difficult. These levels, which are only available to the most talented and committed players, are the truest test of skill and offer a real sense of achievement upon completion. The Demon levels are for you if you are up for the toughest challenge possible. These levels are extraordinarily challenging and require excellent skill and precision to complete. Only the most talented players can overcome these insanely difficult levels.



Geometry Dash global leaderboards allow you to compete against other players from around the world. You can strive for high scores and advance in the leaderboards to show your skills and prowess in the game. Compare your achievements with your friends and other players from around the world to see who gets the top spot on the leaderboard.

Intriguing Music:

With the distinctive and intriguing music of each level, you can fully immerse yourself in the exciting universe of Geometry Dash. A pulsating rhythm that precisely matches the action is present at every stage. The game’s rhythm-based difficulties are made more exciting and immersive by the music.

Games without delays or additions:

Geometry Dash provides an uninterrupted and lag-free gaming experience. Game optimization, which eliminates latency or performance issues, provides a seamless flow of gameplay. The absence of ads also ensures that you won’t experience annoying interruptions while playing.

Multiplayer option:

Geometry Dash multiplayer option allows you to compete against friends or other people from all over the world. Compare your skills with others and get the best scores. The competitive aspect of the multiplayer option adds excitement and intrigue to the game.

Antigravity fusion:

Get ready for an unparalleled gaming experience with the reverse gravity feature. Gravity is reversed in this special game element, increasing the difficulty and thrill factor of the game. You will need agility to maneuver around obstacles and quick reflexes to master the reverse gravity feature.

Addictive gameplay:

Geometry Dash provides a fun and addictive gaming experience. In addition, it features attractive graphics. Players are captivated by the immersive environment that is created by the mix of challenging levels, catchy tunes, and bright visuals. The aesthetically seductive and fascinating nature of the game is enhanced by the attractive visual and geometric design features.

Crossing fences and endless levels:

Geometry Dash has a series of difficult obstacles that you must overcome to advance. Each level presents a different challenge and tests your talents, from spikes and shifting platforms to gravity-defying jumps. With countless levels available, there is always something new to learn and master.

Gain Awards:

Geometry Dash offers various in-game rewards as you beat levels and get high scores. With the help of these rewards you can unlock additional customization options, such as new icons, skins or upgraded characters. As you unlock additional stuff, the rewards provide you with motivation to keep playing and a sense of achievement.

Practice mode:

Geometry Dash has a special practice option that allows you to hone your skills and overcome difficult levels. In practice mode, you can try various tactics, fine-tune your timing and overcome challenging passages without worrying about losing ground. It’s a great way to hone your skills and be prepared for the more difficult stages of the game.

You can polish your skills by practicing certain levels or segments in this mode without worrying about losing your progress. It’s a great way to hone your skills, conquer difficult passages and try new tactics.

The Geometry Dash is a one stop shop for the this game so if you are looking to download Geometry Dash for iOS or if you are having any difficulty in finding the solution of Geometry Dash not working and if you are looking to download the Apk file from PC, we have solution to all these types of queries.

Geometry Dash is known for its engaging gameplay, which keeps users coming back for more. It’s hard to stop playing because of the fast-paced action, challenging stages, and rewarding progression. Players are motivated to keep playing and hone their skills by the sense of accomplishment they get from finishing challenging levels and earning high scores.

These are just some of the interesting aspects available in Geometry Dash. Since there are countless levels available, there is always something new to discover and master.

Geometry Dash is a game that anyone who wants to enjoy an exciting and challenging gaming experience should play for its exciting gameplay, seductive music and stunning visuals.

Difficulty table of Geometry Dash’s levels

Level NameLevel creatorDifficulty levelStars
Stereo madnessForeverBoundEasy1
Back on TrackDJVIEasy2
Dry OutDJVINormal4
Base After BaseDJVIHard5
Can’t Let GoDJVIHard6
Time MachineWaterflameTougher8
Theory of Everythingdj-NateInsane12
Electroman AdventuresWaterflameInsane10
Clubstep (10 Secret coins)WaterflameDemon14
Hexagon ForceWaterflameInsane12
Blast ProcessingWaterflameTougher10
Theory of Everything 2(20 Secret Coin)dj-NateDemon14
Geometrical DominatorWaterflameTougher10
Deadlocked (30 Secret Coin)F-777Demon15
The Challenge (200 Diamond Lock)RobTopUnrated3

Pros and Cons of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash offers its own set of advantages and disadvantages, just like any other game. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision:


  • A game can last for hours on end with fascinating and captivating gameplay.
  • Varying degrees of difficulty adapt to different skill levels, ensuring a demanding experience for both casual and hardcore gamers.
  • You can tailor your gaming experience with customization options, such as character and level creation.
  • As there are no ads in the full APK version, the gameplay is continuous and engaging.
  • Daily challenges and multiplayer mode offer the opportunity to socialize with other players while introducing a competitive aspect.
  • Enjoy a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.
  • Thanks to its improved performance and lack of latency, Geometry Dash ensures a smooth and uninterrupted gaming experience. The absence of ads increases immersion in the game by allowing you to fully concentrate on the tasks at hand.


  • Difficulty Challenges: Geometry Dash levels can be quite difficult at times, which may frustrate less skilled players. Persistence, practice and a strong desire to do better may be necessary to overcome these difficult areas.
  • Intense gameplay: Fast-paced action and furious gameplay may not appeal to anyone looking for a more relaxed or leisurely gameplay experience. To complete the stages effectively, you need quick reflexes, precision and concentration.
  • Custom Versions: It is important to note that certain custom versions of Geometry Dash APK may differ from the gameplay experience that was originally designed. These modifications could alter the balance and direction of the game, which could affect the amount of enjoyment and satisfaction a player has while playing.
  • Custom Levels: Custom levels can be of varying quality because they have been created by different players. Since the quality of custom levels depends on the imagination and experience of each creator, there can be large differences in the design and difficulty of the levels.

It is critical to weigh these advantages and disadvantages before diving headfirst into the world of Geometry Dash. You can make an informed choice and ensure a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience by being aware of the game’s offerings and potential pitfalls.

Geometry Dash Full Version Download & Installation Guide

The method of downloading and installing Geometry Dash Full Version is simple. Please follow these detailed instructions:

Activate Unknown Sources in Step 1

  • To install the APK file, you must enable “Unknown sources” on your Android device. As a result, programs may be installed from locations other than approved app stores.
  • Perform the following actions to enable Unknown sources:
  • Go to the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Depending on your device, scroll down and tap “Security” or “Privacy”.
  • Look for the “Unknown sources” option and enable it.
  • Note: Instructions may vary a bit depending on your device and Android version.

Download the Geometry Dash Full Version in step two.

Get Geometry Dash Full Version APK to download from a trusted source. you get the latest features and improvements, be sure to download the newest APK.

Locate the APK file in step 3

Use a file management program to find the APK file once downloaded. The area where your browser stores downloaded files or the Downloads folder is where you will usually find it.

Install the APK in step 4:

Follow these instructions to install the full version of the Geometry Dash:

  • Clicking on the APK file will start the installation procedure.
  • You may be prompted to review the app permissions. Read them carefully and tap “Install” if you accept the permissions.
  • Permissions allow the app to access certain functions or data on your device. To reduce possible security threats, make sure to download the APK file from a trusted source.
  • Once the installation process is complete, a confirmation message will appear.
  • Congratulations! Geometry Dash Full Version has been successfully downloaded and installed on your Android device. Start playing the game to enter the fascinating world of Geometry Dash and experience an exciting gaming journey.

Infographics of Geometry Dash APK Download Guide:

Infographics of Geometry Dash APK's Download Guide

Advantages of downloading directly from Geometry Dash Full Version:

  • Access to all features: By downloading the full version APK, you will have immediate access to all the features and content of the game. You will be able to access more things without needing to advance stages or make in-app purchases.
  • Independence from app stores: By downloading the APK directly, you can avoid the limitations and availability of app stores. Even if the game is temporarily or regionally unavailable in the app stores, you can still install it.
  • Customized versions exist: In addition to the original version, APK files can provide users with access to customized versions of the game. These modified versions may offer additional features or benefits that enhance your gaming experience.
  • Offline installation: You can install the game offline after you have the APK file. This allows you to install and play the game at your convenience, regardless of internet availability.

It is critical to remember that obtaining APK files from untrusted sources carries risks. Only download APK files from trusted sources and check the integrity of the file before installing it to protect the security of your device.

Tips and tricks to Master Geometry Dash

The difficult game Geometry Dash requires patience, timing and effort to master. The following hints and tips will help you hone your skills and win the game:

  • Geometry Dash is all about timing and muscle memory, so practice makes perfect. Repeatedly practicing the difficult phases will help you become comfortable with the challenges and develop your reflexes. Persistence and practice will help you conquer the more difficult areas.
  • Learn from others: To gain knowledge about effective tactics and methods, watch gameplay videos and tutorials from experienced players. Watching more experienced players can provide you with useful tips and inspiration to improve your own skills.
  • Learn from others: To gain knowledge about effective tactics and methods, watch gameplay videos and tutorials from experienced players. Watching more experienced players can provide you with useful tips and inspiration to improve your own skills.
  • Concentration and focus: Geometry Dash requires a lot of concentration and attention. To increase your response speed and accuracy, reduce distractions, play in a quiet environment and refrain from multitasking.
  • Customize the controls: Try various control settings to see which one suits you best. To improve accuracy, change the sensitivity of the controls or investigate alternative control strategies, such as using a controller or playing on a larger screen.
  • Examine the patterns: Many of the obstacles in Geometry Dash have a predictable layout. Spend some time studying and memorizing these patterns so that you can anticipate impending challenges and respond appropriately. If you do, you will be able to clear the stages more quickly.
  • You can improve your gaming skills and increase your chances of success in Geometry Dash by putting these tips and methods into practice.
  • Customize the controls: Try various control settings to see which one suits you best. To improve accuracy, change the sensitivity of the controls or investigate alternative control strategies, such as using a controller or playing on a larger screen.
  • Examine the patterns: Many of the obstacles in Geometry Dash have a predictable layout. Spend some time studying and memorizing these patterns so that you can anticipate impending challenges and respond appropriately. Doing so will help you get through the stages more quickly.
  • Use the practice mode to get through difficult passages without worrying about losing ground. Use this mode to master difficult passages, fine-tune your rhythm and try out different strategies.
  • Study the level design: Completing Geometry Dash stages will be easier if you are familiar with the game’s level design. Pay close attention to where the spikes, moving platforms and other hazards are placed. Be aware of the patterns and plan the time and pace needed to overcome them.
  • Take advantage of the checkpoints: Use the checkpoints scattered throughout the stages. If you fail, the checkpoint you reach will serve as a new starting point. This way you will avoid having to restart the level from the beginning and you will be able to concentrate.
  • Keep the rhythm: Geometry Dash relies on rhythm to play, so try to find one as you go along. Concentrate on the music and synchronize your movements with the beats. This way you will be able to better synchronize your jumps and movements.
  • Stay calm and be patient: Geometry Dash can be difficult, and setbacks are frequent. Stay calm, be patient and don’t get angry. Keep in mind that every setback is an opportunity to grow.
  • Take breaks: Take short breaks if you find you are getting angry or burned out. A short break from the game can help you disconnect, refocus and come back with a new perspective.
  • Don’t stop at pre-designed levels: explore custom levels. Explore the huge collection of user-created custom levels. Your gaming experience can be enhanced by the specific difficulties and imaginative designs of these levels.
  • Join the Community: Participate in the Geometry Dash forum. Interact with other players, participate in forums and watch live broadcasts. You can learn new tips and techniques, get feedback on your own performance and gain in-depth knowledge.

Keep in mind that Geometry Dash takes time and practice to master. Don’t let your first failures discourage you. You can overcome difficulties and improve as a player by being persistent and determined.

Controls and Gameplay

Geometry Dash’s controls are intuitive and simple yet precise. The controls and game mechanics are broken down as follows:

Jumping is a key action in the game Geometry Dash. To make your character jump over barriers, platforms and gaps, tap the screen. Your character will jump higher the longer you hold down the screen.


In Geometry Dash, timing is essential. To effectively overcome many challenges, accurate timing is essential. Pay attention to the rhythm of the level and time your jumps correctly.

Flight and Gravity Control:

In some levels of Geometry Dash, you can fly or experience reverse gravity with your character. Tap the screen repeatedly to adjust the height or direction of your character in certain circumstances.

Orbs and Dash portals:

Dash orbs and portals are unique objects that have the power to lead your character in a new direction or forward. Pay close attention to these objects because they have a great influence on the game.

Verification points:

Checkpoints indicate the progress of a level. If you fail after reaching a checkpoint, the level will restart from that point and not from the beginning. Use checkpoints wisely to break difficult areas into doable chunks.

Although the gameplay principles of Geometry Dash are simple, mastering them requires precision, timing and practice. Try various control strategies to discover the one that feels most comfortable to you

Final verdict

The exciting rhythm-based platformer Geometry Dash offers a special combination of challenging gameplay, exciting music, and stunning visuals. Geometry Dash is a unique gaming experience that keeps players enthralled for hours due to its geometric design and pulsating melodies.

The many facets of Geometry Dash, including its features, game modes, and customization options, were covered in this post. We discussed the advantages of downloading the Apk directly from the website and offered tips on how to get the most out of the game.

Geometry Dash has something to offer everyone, whether you’re a seasoned gamer or just starting out in the world of mobile gaming. It is a must-play game for people who are looking for excitement and fun due to its addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and interesting challenges.

Geometry Dash is not just a game. It is an engaging experience that blends mesmerizing music, attractive visuals and addictive gameplay. The game provides hours of excitement and fun due to its numerous levels, customization possibilities, and difficult challenges.

You have the advantage of being able to access all of Geometry Dash’s features and content immediately without making any in-app purchases. Geometry Dash’s colorful and rhythmic environment can be explored at your own pace, while you can customize your avatar and make your own levels.

Remember that practice, persistence and accuracy are the keys to mastering Geometry Dash. You will feel an unmatched sense of accomplishment as you progress through the stages and overcome the challenges.

What are you waiting for yet? Get Geometry Dash right now, get going and embark on a thrilling journey that will test your skills, fuel your love for rhythm-based games and leave you wanting more.

Get ready to run, jump and fly across geometric landscapes as Geometry run tests your reflexes, timing and tenacity. Use your inner rhythm to overcome the obstacles that await you in this exceptional game environment.

So buckle up, download Geometry Dash and get ready for an unforgettable journey. Get ready to jump, fly and overcome obstacles as you immerse yourself in the rhythmic environment of Geometry Dash. Do you feel up to it?

The new updates are bringing a lot of new features and at the same time they are fixing all of the bugs and issues that could affect your gameplay, so just download the game and start enjoying the most engaging gameplay that you could get in any game!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

In order for the game to function properly and access essential resources on your smartphone, permissions are required from the Android app. Access to storage, network connections and device settings are some examples of these rights.

Always check the permissions required by the Apk file to make sure they match the capabilities of the game.

No, Apk files purchased from the unofficial Play Store cannot be updated. You must manually install the new Apk file after downloading it to update the game.

Although this website strives to provide safe and reliable Apk downloads, it is always recommended to be cautious when downloading from unofficial sources.

To ensure a safe download, check all files for viruses and malware, but it is also essential to have reliable antivirus software on your device and download only from trusted sites.

A Swedish game development company called RobTop Games created the Geometry Dash game and the APK file has been created by a third-party developer.

The content rating of Geometry Dash is appropriate for all ages. Lacking inappropriate or explicit content, it is suitable for players of all ages and backgrounds.

No, there are no in-app purchases in the Geometry Dash. You will not have to make any additional payments after downloading and installing the Apk file in order to use all the features, levels and customization options.

If you have already played Geometry Dash on the official platform and have made progress, you can carry that progress over to the Apk version. To do this, you must find the game’s saved data files on your device and copy them to the appropriate area of the Apk version.

After downloading and installing the Geometry Dash Apk, you can play the game offline while offline. This makes it handy to play the game whenever you want, wherever you are, even if you have no Internet connection.

RobTop Games, the company responsible for Geometry Dash, has demonstrated their dedication to the continued development of the game.

They have previously provided updates that included additional levels, features and improvements. It is likely that they will continue to support and update the game in the future, providing players with new challenges and material.

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